Anatomical & Physiological Lectures

Scope and Content

The title page reads 'Anatomical and Physiological lectures delivered in the Theatre of Anatomy at Edinburgh by Alex[ander] Monro M.D. A.P., AD 1770-1771'. The lectures cover the first 179 folios, which are numbered, ff.180-185 & 190-192 are blank, and there is an index on ff.185-188.

The lectures are not individually numbered or dated and there is no attempt made to show where one finishes and the next begins. The contents of the lectures according to the index are as follows: animal and vegetable world distinguished; of the arteries; diseases of the arteries; diseases of the antrum maxillary; diseases of the alimentary canal; appendix; aneurysm; false aneurysm; distinction of aneurysm from other tumours [neoplasms]; of absorption; theory of absorption; efforts of ardent spirits upon the body; of abdominal viscera; of blood absorption; nature and properties of blood; circulation of the blood; coagulation of the blood; brain; water in the brain; bones; structure of bones; vessels of bones; sensibility of bones; connections of bones; luxations [dislocations] of bones; structure of the body; puncturing of the bladder; sounding of the bladder; method of extracting stones from the bladder; cellular substance; circulatory system; cartilages; cranium [skull]; trepanning [trephining]; colon; symptoms, cure and extraction of calculi in the bladder; concretions in the gall bladder; effects of cicuta; effects of camphor; colour difference; digestion; dura mater; action of deglutition; eye; fractures of the ribs, sternum, clavicle, scapula, humerus, forearm, metacarpus & fingers, thigh bone [femur], tibia, patella; fistula lachrymalis [lacrimal fistula]; ejection of the food; glandular system; glandula pituitaria; capacity, diseases, rupture, and pulsation of the heart; teguments of the head; hair; crural hernia; inflammation; intestinal canal; lymphatic & lacteal system; lithotomy; luxation of the spine, clavicle, humerus, elbow, wrist, thigh bone, knee; manducation; marrow; effects of medicines upon the body; absorption of morbific matter; nerves; nourishments; diseases & polypi of the nose; ossification of the heart and arteries; effects of opium on the body; ozena; pulse; periosteum; pericranium; perichondrium; rete mucosum; synovia; smelling; diseases of the sinuses; tumours of the spine; matter in the thorax; diseases of the urethra; veins; diseases of the veins; effects of volatile alkali; vegetable acids etc.; organs of voice; lumps on wrist; water in the head.

The manuscript was allocated the reference Q 1021 viz. the Manchester Medical Society's 1890 library catalogue.