A Course of Midwifery Lectures Delivered by Thomas Young, Vol. 2

Scope and Content

The manuscript once formed part of the Radford Library, Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester, where it was allocated the reference Q 140 viz. their 1877 catalogue. It has since been allocated the reference M6 Y57 as part of an alternative system. The remnant of the bookplate of the Radford Library is evident inside the front cover, and the volume also bears another unknown bookplate showing a coat of arms with the motto 'peradventure'. The title page reads ' A course of midwifery delivered in forty seven lectures in the University of Edinburgh by Thomas Young M.D. Art. Obs. P. 1767. Volume IId'.

This is volume 2 of 2; volume 1 is missing and was never listed in the Radford Library's 1877 catalogue suggesting that volume 2 was donated to them on its own and volume 1 was lost quite some time ago. The final 14 folios are blank and the first 153 have the original pagination pp.338-642. The writing is on the recto only, it is not indexed, and the start of each new lecture is clearly marked throughout although none of them are individually dated.

The content of the lectures is as follows: (24) of laborious births, (25) causes of laborious births, (26) forceps [surgical instruments], (27) of the head becoming stuck & signs of a child being dead in labour, (28) the crotchet & the caesarean operation, (29) caesarean operation cont. & preternatural labours, (30) when the head is too large or the pelvis too narrow, (31) breech cases [breech presentation], (32) when the arm presents first & when the umbilical cord is about the head or neck, (33) method of delivering in floodings & symptoms of twins, (34) diseases of women after delivery, treatment after birth & faintings, (35) spasms, after pains & lochia, (36) diseases occurring between the third and sixth day after delivery, (37) milk, obstruction, inflammation, suppuration and cancers of the breast & sore nipples, (38) Dr Plunket's cure for cancer & fevers, (39) inflammation of the womb, miliary fever, prolapsus uteri [uterine prolapse] & inversion of the uterus, (40) cure for prolapsus uteri, diseases of children, management of the new-born child & purging children, (41) proper food, choice of a nurse, food proper for the nurse, time of weaning, & of milk [breast feeding], (42) milk cont., (42) milk, rearing children by spoon meats, & chief sources of diseases in children, (44) convulsions, gum, aphtha, supernumerary members, rectum imperforate, child not sucking, navel string [umbilical cord], & ruptures, (45) venereal diseases, smallpox, & inoculation, (46) inoculation cont., dentition, & diseases from diet, (47) food, epidemic diseases, worms, croup, chronic diseases & conclusion.