The Art of Making Anatomical Preparations

Scope and Content

The manuscript is not paginated, writing is on both the recto and the verso, and the full title is given on the first page as 'The art of making anatomical preparations to exhibit the structure & diseased appearances of the human body', below which is an ink drawing of a severed hand suspended from a frame into a bucket. The drawing is described as being that of a quicksilver tray made of mahogany with two uprights and cross bar from which specimens can be suspended to be filled with mercury.

The volume offers explanations as to why certain parts of the body might be preserved and how this may be achieved with comments on the injecting instruments and the four types of injections, namely course, fine, minute, and mercurial. Directions are given on how to preserve different body parts with the aim of displaying a certain anatomical aspect using each of these injection types.