Lectures on the Principles & Practice of Surgery at St Thomas' Hospital Vol. 2

Scope and Content

The volume has the original pagination pp.508-1127, writing is on both the recto and the verso, and there is an index in the rear. This is volume 2 of 4 containing lectures 18-32, beginning part way through lecture 18.

The contents are as follows: (18-19) on aneurysm, (20) on cataract, (21) on the operation of couching on removal of the eye, and on fistula lachrymalis [lacrimal fistula], (22) on hare-lip [cleft lip] and the operation of paracentesis, (23) on polypus nasi and diseases of the testicle, (24) on fistula in ano [rectal fistula], (25) diseases of the breast, (26) on stone, (27) on the operation for the stone, (28) on stone in prostate gland, and on amputation, (29) on gonorrhoea, (30) on stricture, (31) on the consequences of permanent stricture and on the spasmodic and inflammatory stricture, (32) on diseases of the prostate gland, retention of urine, and the operations required.