Pathologia et Therapia Specialis ex Johann Ernst Gabler

Scope and Content

Annotations in the front cover show the manuscript to have been donated to the Manchester Medical Society in 1863 where it was allocated the reference GO 75 viz. their 1890 library catalogue. The manuscript has the original pagination pp.1-201 and there is an index in the rear.

Notes of the pathology and therapeutics lectures of Gabler for which the index shows the subjects covered to be as follows: morbi cerebri [brain diseases] (apoplexia, plethora, morbi organici cerebri), rheumatici morbi [rheumatic diseases] (formae acutae, formae chronicae, rheumatismus chronicus, rheumatismus nervosus), morbi pectoris [chest diseases] (pleuritis [pleurisy], pneumonia, bronchitis, catarrhi, asthma, emphysema, oedema, phthisis), morbi cordis [heart diseases] (inflammatorii, pericarditis, endocarditis, organici, aneurysma, hypertrophia, morbi valvularum, polypi, angina pectoris), morbi abdominis [abdominal diseases] (morbi ventriculi, gastritis, ulcera, indurationes, cardialgia, morbi hepatis, induratio, hypertrophia, abscessus, calculi biliari, tubercula, fungus, cirrhosis, hepatitis chronica, morbi lienis, morbi pancreatis), hypochondria [hypochondriasis] & hysteria, chlorosis [anaemia, hypochromic], phthisis intestinalis [tuberculosis, gastrointestinal], morbi hydropici [dropsical diseases] (hydrothorax, hydropericardium, ascites, morbus Brightii), tympanites, febres (intermittentes), colica [colic], tabes dorsalis, synochus, gastroenteritis, apoplexiae [stroke] (cerebralis, spinalis, pulmonalis), paralyses, hepatitis chronica, lienitis [splenomegaly], colica (inflammatoris, digestiva, spastica, scortorum, flatulenta, renalis, verminosa), ascites, hypochondria.