Praxis Nosocomii Sancti Thomae

Scope and Content

This volume lists cases seen at St Thomas' Hospital, London with references to both Dr George Fordyce (1736-1802), Dr Gilbert Blane (1749-1834) and Dr Adair Crawford (1748-1795), suggesting these may have formed part of some form of clinical lecture series which Hull attended as a student. The pages are set out in three columns with the name of the patient and their illness in the first, dates of admission and discharge in the middle, and descriptions of treatment etc. in the third column. The first column is also sometimes used for further descriptions. The writing is in a mixture of longhand and shorthand with the longhand being in Latin. Even though nearly the whole volume has been set out with these three columns there are innumerable blank pages.

The cases are further divided up across the wards they were seen on, namely Magdalen's Ward, Naples Ward, Job's Ward, Abraham's Ward, George's Ward, Cutting Ward, Henry's Ward, William's Ward, Edward's Ward, King's Ward, Jacob's Ward, Isaac's Ward, Lydia's Ward, Queen's Ward, Dorcas's Ward, Ann's Ward, Mary's Ward, and Elizabeth's Ward.

The manuscript is paginated most of the way through, but not in a continuous series, with the different sections and alterations in page numbering appearing to signify cases seen under different physicians. The first section is numbered pp.1-159, followed by 2 blank folios, then numbering begins again pp.1-185, followed by 14 blank folios, and then numbering begins again for pp.1-144 and again pp.1-159. In other sections of the collection notes such as these which strictly speaking formed part of clinical lectures have been treated as lecture notes and not case notes, however this volume has been placed alongside Hull's later patient case notes in keeping with the original order imposed by the archivist upon the manuscripts' accession in 1934.