Practice of Physic, Vol. 8

Scope and Content

The manuscript has the partial original pagination pp.1-25, the writing is largely on the verso only, and the title is given on the front cover as 'Practise of Physic Vol.8'. Each new lecture is marked but they are not numbered.

The topics covered are as follows: rubeola [measles], scarlatina [scarlet fever], pestis, order 4-haemorrhagiae, haemoptysis, phthisis [tuberculosis, pulmonary], order 5th -profluvia, catarrhus, class 2nd -neuroses, order 1st -comata, apoplexy [stroke], paralysis, order 2nd -adynamia, dyspepsia, ptosis [blepharoptosis], order 3 -spasmi, tetanus, chorea, and epilepsy.