Chemistry, Vol. 3

Scope and Content

The manuscript has the original pagination pp.1-76, the writing is on both the verso and the recto, and the title is given on the front cover as 'Chemistry Vol.IIInd'. Also on the front cover is a list of contents setting out the topics covered as follows: carbon & its compounds (pp.1-22), sulphur & its compounds (pp.22-31), chlorine & its compounds (pp.32-46), fluorine and its compounds (pp.46-48), boron & its compounds (pp.48-50), iodine & its compounds (pp.50-51), compounds of nitrogen (pp.51-58), ammonia & its salts (pp.58-61), phosphorus (pp.61-66), phosphuretted hydrogen (pp.66-69), sulphuretted hydrogen (pp.70-73), cyanogen (p.74), and prussic acid (pp.74-76).

Lomas was still a student at this point but it is not clear who or what the source of these notes was.