Institutions Vol. 2

Scope and Content

The volume has the original pagination pp.339-705, the writing is largely on the recto of each page with occasional notes on the verso, and there is a subject index in the rear. This is volume 2 of 5 and begins part way through lecture 26 and finishes part way through lecture 60; the start of each new lecture is clearly marked, although they are not dated.

The contents of the lectures according to the index are as follows: are the nerves hollow tubes?; proof of an elastic fluid; thought; different modifications of thought; reflex sensation; contraction; proximate cause of contraction; proofs of a motion communicated in sensation and contraction from impression; proof of a sensorium commune; explanation of muscular contraction; recapitulation of the nervous system; irritability; mobility; powers of custom and habit; non-existence of frigorific particles; more general powers operating on the nervous system; powers of heat and cold; particular causes acting; waking and sleep; causes of excitement and collapse of the sensorium; different states of other parts of the nervous system; muscular fibres; application of the doctrine; sympathy; hydraulic system; division of the hydraulic system; heart; arteries; veins; course of the blood; powers moving the blood; muscular coat of the arteries proved by Vertscheur.

The volume bears the bookplate of the Radford Library, Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester, which also indicates that it was allocated the reference number Q126 viz. their 1877 catalogue. The volume has since been referenced J6 C66 as part of an alternative system. The spine reads 'Cullen's Institutions Vol.2'.