Notes of lectures of Cooper and Travers

Scope and Content

Manuscript containing notes from the lectures of Sir Astley Cooper and Benjamin Travers, both of whom lectured at St Thomas' Hospital, London, taken by an unknown student. There are three letters in the front of the manuscript explaining its previous ownership in part. Firstly a letter dated August 1926 from Canon John Bird Stopford (1859-1934) addressed to his nephew John S.B. Stopford (1888-1961) offering him the manuscript but not explaining where he had got it from. The other two letters are dated October 1955 the first from John S.B. Stopford addressed to William Brockbank (1900-1984) offering the manuscript to the University Medical Library, and the second a reply of thanks from Brockbank.

The majority of the manuscript contains lectures given by Astley Cooper, which are interspersed with lectures by Travers. All of Cooper's lectures are numbered and their contents are as follows: (1) introductory lecture, (2) on constitutional irritation, (3-4) on inflammation, (5) on the treatment of inflammation, (6) on adhesive and suppurative inflammation, (7) on abscess, (8) on union by granulation and cicatrization, (9) on the treatment of ulcers, (10) ulcers continued & on erysipelas, (11) on mortification and carbuncle, (12) on injuries of the head, (13) on compression of the brain & fractures of the cranium [skull], (14) on formation of matter within the skull & the operation of trephining, (15) on aneurysm, (16) on the formation of aneurysm & the mode of performing the operation of popliteal aneurysm, (17) on the operations for aneurysm, (18) on hydrocele, (19) on the modes of cure for hydrocele, (20-22) on urinary calculi, (23) on gonorrhoea, (24) on strictures in the urethra, (25) the diseases of the urethra, (26) enlargement of prostate gland, (27) on the diseases consequent of gonorrhoea, (28) sympathetic bubo etc., (29-30) on syphilis, (31) on secondary symptoms, (32) general observations on syphilis, (33) on scrophula, (34) on the diseases of the absorbent glands, (35) diseases of the joints, (36) on diseases of the hip joint, (37-38) on wounds, (39) on the diseases of bones, (40) on the modes of reparation in bones under injury, (41) on particular fractures, (42) no notes, (43) on compound fractures [open fractures] continued, (44) fractures of joints.

Lectures on Inflammation etc. by Benjamin Travers can be found on ff.129-140 & ff.153-167. None of Travers' lectures are numbered and the numbers used here are for descriptive purposes only and represent them in the order they appear in the manuscript. Their contents are as follows: (1) on wounds of arteries, (2) on wounds of arteries continued & on wounds of veins, (3) on wounds of the nerves, absorbents, etc., (4) on wounds of joints, muscles, & tendons, (5) on wounds of the chest, abdomen, etc., (6) on wounds concluded, (7) on poisons, (8) on suspended respiration.

Folios 168-186 are blank.

Administrative / Biographical History

See entry MMM/4/1/3 for biographical details of Cooper and entry MMM/14/2/7 for biographical details of Travers.