Physiology Lectures by Prof. Gamgee Vol. 1

Scope and Content

The volume bears the bookplate of Dr E. Bosdin Leech, Manchester as well as an inscription made by the creator which reads 'M. Bannister Owens Col Manchester'. This is volume 1 of 2 and the lectures are clearly numbered and dated throughout. There are 88 numbered folios in total and the writing is mainly on the recto with occasional notes and illustrations on the verso.

(1-2) Introductory lecture, (3) Physical properties & chemical characteristics of protoplasm, (4) Physical characteristics of blood, (5-6) Blood corpuscles, (7) Chemistry of blood corpuscles, (8) Chemistry of blood corpuscles continued & coagulation, (9) Coagulation continued, (10) Circulation of blood, (11) Muscles & cavities of the heart, (12) Tricuspid valves, right ventricle and left auricle, (13) Physiology of the heart, (14) Mechanism of valves of the heart, (15) Frequency of heart beats or pulse, (16) Cardiograph & structure of arteries, (17) Structure of veins and physiology of circulation, (18-19) Blood pressure, (20) Demonstration of arterial pressure, (21) Demonstration of use of sphygmograph, (22) Analysis of curves, circulation through capillaries & circulation in veins, (23) Method of determining the rate of flow of blood in arteries, (24) Innervation of blood vessels & function of the depressor nerves, (25) Function of respiration, (26) Structure of trachea & lung, (27) Structure of bronchi & mechanism of respiration, (28)Expiration & respiratory sounds, (29) Experiment, (30) Changes in blood during respiration, (31) Composition of blood, (32) Innervation of respiration, (33)Histology, notes for which can be found in the rear of volume 2, (34) Action of blood on respiratory centre, (35) Digestion, (36-37) Food & nutrients, (38) Process of digestion, (39) Groups of connective tissues, notes for which can be found in the rear of volume 2 (40) Mastication, (41) Saliva, (42) Tissues, notes in rear of vol. 2, (43) deglutition.

There are a number of illustrative drawings and diagrams throughout the manuscript and there are also notes from a lecture on organic chemistry on the inside of the back cover.

Administrative / Biographical History

Marmaduke Bannister was born in c.1865/6 and studied at Owens College, Manchester. He was a licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians and member of the Royal College of Surgeons and received the degree of MB from London University in 1890 and his MD in 1910. He began his career as a house surgeon at the Manchester Royal Infirmary before being appointed as honorary assistant physician to the Blackburn and East Lancashire Infirmary in 1901, where he later became consultant. He died on 5 August 1952 at his home in Penzance.