Lectures on Anatomy, Physiology, & Surgery Vol. 4

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      GB 133 MMM/23/1/7/4
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      1 volume, 346 folios Both boards have come away.

Scope and Content

The manuscript has the original foliation 1013-1335 and a note in the rear indicates that ff.1007-1012 are wanting. The writing is on the recto only and there is a table of contents in the rear for all four volumes. None of William Hunter's lectures are individually numbered or dated but subject headings are clear throughout. This volume also contains notes from the lectures of John Hunter on ff.1163-1335, with 49 numbered lectures in total. It is not clear where John Hunter's lectures were given, he is known to have also lectured at the Royal Society, giving the Croonian Lectures between 1775-1782, but also lectured privately and worked at St George's Hospital, London.

The topics covered in William Hunter's lectures according to the table of contents are as follows: ruptures continued, hydrocele, diseases of the testicles, urinary complaints, empyema, amputation of the breast, lithotomy, amputation of the penis, fistula in ano [rectal fistula], bronchotomy [tracheotomy], wry neck [torticollis], extirpation of the tonsils [tonsillectomy] & uvula, tongue tied, harelip [cleft lip], cataract, trepan [trephining], aneurysms, amputation, and embalming.

The topics covered in John Hunter's lectures according to the table of contents are as follows: introduction to inflammation, adhesive inflammation, cure of adhesive inflammation, local applications, symptoms of suppuration, treatment of suppuration, pus, ulceration, granulation, application of the foregoing remarks to practice, hydrocele, diseases of bones, diseases from accidents & method of cure, abscesses, treatment of external abscesses, internal abscesses, abscesses in joints, matter from diseases bones, of the readiness in new formed parts to ulcerate, method of cure, ossification & ulceration changing the situation of the bone, rickets & effect of mechanical pressure & method of cure, exostosis, fractured patella, gunshot wounds, manner of treatment, necessary cautions before opening, treatment of the constitution, of healing, of penetrating wounds, of amputation, of poison, of the application of poisons, local effects, morbid poisons, of local affection, of constitutional affection, compound affection, introduction to the venereal disease, parts most susceptible of the second species, the causes of the poisonous quality, of other poisons, clap in men, chordee, discharge, swelled testicles, clap in women [gonorrhoea], effects on the constitution, cure of clap, of injections, of the constitution in the cure of claps, signs of cure, cure in women, gleet, spasmodic stricture, diseases in consequence of stricture, mixed case, abscesses in perineo, consequence in women of a gleet, shankers [chancre], phimosis & paraphimosis, cure of the second species of shankers, circumcision, effect of shankers, warts, methods of receiving the second species of infection, buboes, cure of first & second class of buboes and effects on the constitution.