Black's Chemistry Lectures Vol. 3

Scope and Content

The folios are numbered on the recto 1-185 and once the end of the volume is reached the notes continue on the verso of each page from the beginning of the manuscript where numbering continues with 186-306. The lectures are again clearly numbered and this volume contains lectures 84-188. There is no index and no clear subject headings to indicate what the focus of each lecture is.

At the end of Black's lectures there is a long extract on pp.265-284 in longhand French taken from Memoires de Chimie by Antoine François Fourcroy (1755-1809). After this extract on pp.285-287 can be found a list of Torbern Bergman's (1735-1784) chemical characters with the explanations. And finally, following this on pp.288-306 is a section in shorthand again entitled 'An explanation of the table of the chemical nomenclature proposed by Messrs de Morveau, Lavoisier, Bertholet, & Fourcroy' taken from the Encyclopaedia Britannica and including a dictionary of the new chemical nomenclature in longhand English.