Anatomical Lectures Vol. 2

Scope and Content

The volume has the original pagination pp.1-693, writing is on both the recto and the verso, and there is an index towards the rear. This is volume 2 of 3 and continues on from volume 1 with lectures 37-76 of which lectures 37-44, 51-52, & 66-76 were given by Henry Cline Junior, 45-50 & 56-65 by Astley Cooper, and 53-55 by Henry Cline Senior.

The contents are as follows: (37) on the viscera, (38) regions of the abdomen, the peritoneum, intestines, the stomach, (39) spleen, pancreas, oesophagus, intestines, (40) structure and diseases of the liver, (41) on the spleen and pancreas, (42) female mamma, the lungs, the trachea, and respiration, (43) structure of the heart, (44) circulation of the blood, (45) on the membranes of the brain, (46) division of the brain, (47) parts at the basis of the brain, (48) diseases of the alimentary canal, (49) rectum, colon, worms & piles [haemorrhoids], (50) on the common integuments, (51-52) on the female organs of generation, (53-55) on the eye, (56) on the organ of taste, (57) on the organ of smelling, (58) on the male organs of generation, (59) on the structure of the testicle & its descent, (60) on the kidneys, (61) structure of the penis & side view of the pelvis, (62) on the bladder, (63) parts situated behind the mouth, (64) openings of the ear, (65) on the teeth, (66-71) on the arteries, (72) on the veins, (73) on the absorbents, (74-76) on the nerves.

An appendix to the lectures containing additions can be found on ff.356-376 and there are also two additional folios inserted into the front of the manuscript which contain a report on the dissection of a brain.

A note has been made by the author on one of the flyleaves and reads 'John Windsor, No. 2 Plough Court, Lombard Street, 1811'.