Chemistry, Vol. 4

Scope and Content

The manuscript has the original pagination pp.1-92, the writing is on both the verso and the recto, and the title is given on the front cover as 'Chemistry Vol.IV'. Also on the front cover is a list of contents setting out the topics covered as follows: geology (pp.1-14), properties of metals (pp.15-19), potassium & its salts (pp.19-28), sodium & its salts (pp.28-33), calcium etc. (pp.33-39), barium (pp.40-42), strontium (pp.42-43), silica (pp.44-45), arsenic (pp.46-52), aluminium (pp.52-55), chromium (pp.55-58), cobalt (pp.59-60), manganese (pp.60-64), zinc (pp.64-66), mercury (pp.66-76), iron (pp.77-84), tin (pp.84-87), and copper (pp.87-92). There is a colour diagram on p.14 showing a section of the Brocken Mountain in the Harz Forest, Germany illustrating its geological composition.

Lomas was still a student at this point but it is not clear who or what the source of these notes was.