Uterine Pathology

Scope and Content

Rough notes of lectures on midwifery and the diseases of women in Radford's hand and delivered by Radford alongside his colleagues John Roberton (1797-1876) and Thomas Mellor. The notes are accompanied by a second much neater set of notes and a rough letter in Radford's hand stating his intention to resume lectures on midwifery with his colleague Mr Mellor for the 1839-40 session following the unfortunate departure of Mr Roberton.

The volume of rough lecture notes consists of 36 folios in total but folios 28-36 are blank. The lectures are introduced as focusing on disorders affecting the uterus and its appendages and cover such topics as: malpositions of the uterus, varieties in the form of the uterus, obliteration of the different orifices, hyperaemia, acute irritation, malignant ulceration, encephaloid matter, fibrous tumours [neoplasms], polypus of the uterus, hydrometra, rupture of the uterus, morbid state of the fallopian tubes, dropsy of the tube, diseases of the ovaries, scirrhous, hypertrophy of the parenchyma, encephaloid deposit in the ovaries, inflammation of the vagina, ulceration and hard tumours of the vagina, inversion of the vagina, unusual size of the clitoris, tumour of the clitoris. All the lectures are written on the recto of each page and Radford uses the verso to give details of relevant cases to illustrate each element. Some of these are cases he has treated personally whilst others are taken from published sources.

There are nine folios in total making up the neater set of notes which focus on midwifery. The topics addressed include: changes in the volume of the womb, changes in the organisation of the womb, of delayed births, and development of the womb. These notes do not read like lecture notes but rather more as if they have either been taken from a published source or were intended for publication as they are much more structured and coherent.