James Gregory's Practice of Physic Vol. 2

Scope and Content

The manuscript has the original pagination pp.537-1047 and the writing is on both the recto and the verso throughout. This volume begins with the rest of lecture 74 on hepatitis continuing on from volume 1. None of the lectures are numbered in this volume and so the numbering used here has been carried on from the previous volume purely for descriptive purposes and relates each lecture in the order it appears.

The contents are as follows: (75) nephritis, (76) rheumatism, (77) treatment of rheumatism, (78-82) on gout, (83) erythema, (84) smallpox, (85) breaking the force of inflammatory eruptive fever, (86) inoculation & measles, (87) pemphigus & aphtha, (88) haemorrhagics, (89) ligatures & topical plethora, (90) mineral astringents and other preparations in treatment of haemorrhagic fevers, (91) haemoptysis & phthisis [tuberculosis, pulmonary], (92-95) phthisis continued, (96) treatments in phthisis and hectic fevers, (97) haemorrhoids, (98) menorrhagia, (99) suppression of the menses [amenorrhoea] & profluvia [menorrhagia], (100) contagious catarrh & dysentery, (101) dysentery continued, neuroses, adynamia, & apoplexy, (102) stroke, (103) preventing apoplexy, (104) influence of posture of the body, (105) paleness of the face, difficulty swallowing, & swelling of the limbs, (106) case of paraplegia, (107) apoplexy [stroke], (108) treatment of apoplexy, (109) palsy [paralysis], (110) hydrocephalus, (111) adynamia, (112-117) dyspepsia & digestion, (118) order third-spasmi, (119) epilepsy, (120-121) imitative epilepsy, (122) antispasmodics, chorea, & dyspnoea, (123) dyspnoea cont., (124) spasmodic affections, (125) pertussis [whooping cough], (126) colic & cholera.

Four smaller folios of rough notes have been inserted into the binding between p.983 & p.984 containing notes on epilepsy & pertussis etc. and look to be a rough version of some of the lecture notes found in this manuscript.