Pathologische Anatomie nach Müller

Scope and Content

Notes of lectures on pathological anatomy by Professor Johannes Müller. There is a detailed index at the front and the pages have the original pagination pp.1-146. The index shows the lectures to be split into seven main sections as follows:

  • 1) Congenital malformations. Including cases of where two foetuses have grown together, the merging of parts (e.g. cyclopia), missing parts, and formation of gaps and atresia (e.g. spina bifida [spinal dysraphism] and also discussion of hermaphroditism).
  • 2) Changes in tissues. Dealing with inflammation, hardening and softening of tissues, atrophy, hypertrophy, and transformation of tissues.
  • 3) Various cancers. Including enchondroma, sarcoma, cystosarcoma, cystoids, tubercules, scirrhous tumours, carcinoma etc.
  • 4) Diseases of particular organs. The largest section focusing on a wide range of disorders affecting different organs and bodily systems including the bones, nervous system, kidneys, liver etc.
  • 5) Dislocations. Focusing on ruptures, hernias, and prolapses of various organs and muscles.
  • 6) Parasites. Including trematoda, acanthocephala, and nematoidea.
  • 7) (?)

Annotations on the inside front cover indicate that the manuscript was allocated the reference GO 74 viz. the Manchester Medical Society's 1890 library catalogue.