Sauvagesii Nosologia Methodica Epitome Part 2

Scope and Content

The folios are numbered 501-1066, with the writing almost exclusively on the recto and only occasional notes on the verso. This volume covers classes 7 to 10 and genera 1 to 102 and has the full title 'Franc. Boissier de Sauvages Nosologia Methodica in Epitomen redacta Opera & Studio Joannis Hull MD. In duobis voluminibus, Vol. II, Classes VII ad X. Genera 183 ad 315. Index Generum'.

The volume is divided up as such:

  • Class 7-Dolores, ff.1-124, numbered 501-625
  • Class 8-Vesaniae, ff.125-191, numbered 626-692
  • Class 9-Fluxus, ff.192-340, numbered 693-842
  • Class 10-Cachexiae, ff.341-545, numbered 843-1057
  • Index - a title has been added for an index of class, order, and genus but has not been completed, f.546, numbered 1058

Each class begins with a synopsis before addressing each genus in turn which are also broken down into their relevant constituents.