Lectures on Anatomy, Physiology, & Surgery Vol. 3

Scope and Content

The manuscript has the original foliation 673-1006, the writing is on the recto only and there is a table of contents in the rear. None of the lectures are individually numbered or dated but subject headings are clear throughout.

The topics covered in the lectures according to the table of contents are as follows: the caecum, colon & rectum, the spleen & pancreas, female organs of generation, lymphatics, the kidneys & glandulae renalis [renal gland], physiology of the abdominal viscera, diseases of the alimentary tube, obstructed deglutition, the breasts, the lungs, use of the lungs, diseases of the lungs, the heart, circulation of the blood, diseases of the spleen, pancreas & liver, arteries, veins, brain, the eye, the mouth & nose, the ear, operations of surgery, introduction, sutures, dropsy [oedema], and ruptures.