Chemistry, Vol. 6

Scope and Content

The manuscript has the original pagination pp.1-21 and the writing is on both the verso and the recto. The front cover is missing but the contents of the manuscript and the date that is given in the rear (4 April 1833) tend to suggest that his is volume 6 of the chemistry notes following on from vol.5 (MMM/7/4). The end of the notes are marked 'finis' suggesting this is the final volume.

The contents are as follows: fixed oils (pp.1-3), volatile or essential oils (pp.3-4), camphor (pp.4-5), resins (p.5), indigo (p.6), vegetable acids (pp.6-7), oxalic acid (pp.7-8), citric acid (pp.8-9), tartaric acid (pp.9-10), benzoic acid (pp.10-11), gallic acid (p.11) succinic acid (pp.12-14), vegetable alkalis (pp.14-16), cinchonia (p.16), quinia (pp.16-17), lignum (pp.17-18), animal chemistry (pp.19-20), gelatine (pp.20-22), albumen (p.22), milk (pp.22-25), bile (pp.26-28), blood (pp.29-32), mucus (pp.32-34), urea (pp.34-35), animal resins (pp.35-36), animal oils & fats (pp.37-38), muscular fibre (pp.38-39), tendons, ligaments & cartilage (p.39), brain (pp.39-40), biliary calculi & gastric juice (p.40), urine (pp.40-41), and urinary calculi (pp.41-42).