Anatomy Lectures

Scope and Content

Pagination begins on f.9 but does not run throughout. F.2v & f.3r are dedicated to 'anatomical terms explained' covering basic definitions of the constituent parts of an animal body namely fibres, membranes, arteries, veins, lymphaducts, nerves, glands, excretory vessels, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilages, and bones.

The lecture notes commence on f.4, dated 8 November 1768, and the introductory lecture gives the names of the key authors in the field and an introduction to the animal oeconomy. Some of the lectures are dated but there is a lack of consistency throughout and evidence that the notes are incomplete with lectures missing.

Some of the subjects addressed include: conveyance of the chyle from the thoracic duct, the bones, the skeleton and how the bones are joined, the cranium [skull], the viscera, organs of urine generation, situation of the kidney, male organs, lithotomy in men, organs of generation, lithotomy in women, the thorax, the structure of the heart, lungs and surrounding tissues, the muscles of the neck, luxation of the thigh bone, luxation [dislocation] and fractures of the patella, absorbents, and lymphatics. There is then a note to say that instruction on the hydraulic part of the system has concluded and the intention is to proceed to the nervous part of the system in order to conclude the course on anatomy, but there are few notes following this. The next 4 folios are blank and the final section of the lecture notes, found on ff.88-94, is entitled 'remarks on the ear' and dated 8 February.

The volume bears the bookplate of the Radford Library, Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester, which also indicates that it was allocated the reference number D40 viz. their 1877 catalogue. The volume has since been referenced C6 M54 as part of an alternative system. There is a pencil note on the title page that reads 'The writing seems to be that of Robert Dobson later of Kirkham'.