Lectures on Midwifery by Osborn & Clarke Vol. 2

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      GB 133 MMM/16/2/3/2
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      1 volume, 136 folios Both boards have come away and the spine is split

Scope and Content

The notes continue on from volume 1, and an alphabetical index can be found on ff.1-2 finishing on ff.135-136. The lectures are clearly numbered but never dated and cover the rest of lecture 26 and run up to 51.

Their content according to the index is as follows: abortion (treatment, in early months, in latter months), after pains, imperforated anus, aphtha, ani procidentia [prolapse], breech presentation, deviation from the common period of birth (premature, treatment in early months, in latter months, the placenta attached to the mouth of the womb), method of drawing the breasts, the crotchet, convulsions, caesarean, diseases of children (distortion of head from labour, fracture of limbs, swelling on the head containing fluid, diseases requiring medical treatment, excessive irritability, over feeding, convulsions, colic), treatment after delivery, after pains, extra uterine [ectopic pregnancy] cases (ovarian, fallopian, ventral), cohesion of eye-lids, purulent discharge from ears, erysipelas infantitis, forceps [surgical instruments] (propriety of use, circumstances to be attended to when used, method of introducing, particular rules, ear presenting, face case, chin backwards), flooding as symptom of abortion, fevers connected with parturition, gum red [papular urticaria], watery gripes, harelip [cleft lip], umbilical hernia, icterus [jaundice], labours (natural, last position, guarding the bed, behaviour during, when rather tedious, when the body should follow the head, inflation of lungs, lingering, rigidity of soft parts, disproportion of parts, waters discharged too soon, navel string round the child's body, rigidity of cervix, laborious, the lever, forceps [surgical instruments], preternatural, foot delivery, breech, turning, difficulty from the head), lochia, swelling of lower limbs, labia pudendi, lues venerea [syphilis], when to rupture the membranes, the machine, monsters [abnormalities, severe teratoid], milk fever [mastitis], observations on nurses, puerperal fever, placenta.