Extract Book 8

Scope and Content

This collection of notes begins with an alphabetical list of therapeutical substances, largely plants. This is followed by a series of notes on pharmacy and a proposal to create a pharmacopoeia which would present the whole of the remedies under a methodical point of view and make every compound relate to the substance from whence it is derived. This includes notes on methods of chemical analysis, simple combustible bodies, bodies that have undergone combustion, earthy substances, alkalis, saline substances, metallic substances, salts, vegetable substances, fixed oils, fermentation, vinegars, and the solids of animals.

This is followed by extracts from Philipp Andreas Nemnich's Lexicon Nosologicum Polyglotton Omnium Morborum, a medical dictionary in several languages from which Hull takes the German, French, and Italian translations for a number of terms.

The rest of the notes are dedicated to the vegetable kingdom and descriptions of the physical descriptions of the different orders within the various Linnaean classes for plants.