Lectures on Midwifery by Dr Haighton at Guy's Hospital London, winter of 1811 & 1812 and by Hamilton of Edinburgh 1812 & 1813

Scope and Content

The volume has the original pagination pp.1-837, writing is on both the recto and verso throughout, and there is a combined alphabetical index to both sets of lectures in the rear. Dr Haighton's lectures are on the recto throughout and Dr Hamilton's lectures appear to have been added at a slightly later date on the verso.

Haighton's lectures commence on 4 October 1811 and run until the 30 November 1811 and the contents are as follows: (1) introductory lecture, (2) on the pelvis, (3) on the varieties and deviations from the standard pelvis, (4) comparison of male and female pelvis, (5) situation at vertex presentation, (6) on the pelvis in the natural state, (7) unusual pares in the pelvis and organs of generation, (8) female organs of generation continued and suppression of urine, (9) paracentesis, incontinence of urine, the hymen & vagina, (13) mode of applying ligatures in cases of polypi and fluor albus [leukorrhoea], (14) amenorrhoea and chlorosis [hypochromic anaemia], (15) appendages of the uterus, (16) the round ligaments, (17) evolution of the ovum and the navel string [umbilical cord], (18) the placenta, (19) the membranes, (20) liquor amni [amniotic fluid] and rupture, (21) practical marks of pregnancy, (22) on evacuations, (23) retroverted uterus and diseases of the latter months, (24) haemorrhoids, (25) biliary & urinary calculi, (26) on natural labour, (27) practical caution and management of labours, (28) extracting the placenta & mixed presentations, (29) on examination & the three kinds of labour, (30) lingering labour, (31) on laborious labour, (32) general rules for using forceps, (33) on the lever etc., (34) on opening the head [craniotomy] & preternatural labour [breech presentation], (35) foot cases & turning cases or cross presentations, (36) proper time for turning, (37) methods of turning, (38) position of the head, (39) on monsters [abnormalities, severe teratoid] & premature labour, (40) haemorrhage, (41) uterine hydatids [echinococcosis] & floodings, (42) fevers, (43) extra-uterine cases [pregnancy, ectopic], (44) treatment after delivery, (45) puerperal fever, (46) milk fever [mastitis], (47-49) diseases of infancy.

Hamilton's lectures commence on 10 November 1812 with an introductory lecture but after this there is no numbering or dating of individual lectures. Instead, Windsor appears to have matched Hamilton's lectures to the relevant sections of Haighton's lectures meaning the reader will find Hamilton's teachings on a particular subject on the opposite page to Haighton's.

Inserted between p.617 & p.618 there is a letter dated 1825 from Thomas Warrington requesting Windsor's opinion on a case.

The manuscript bears the bookplate of the Manchester Medical Society which indicates that it was donated to them by Thomas Windsor on 13 September 1877 and further annotations indicate that it was allocated the reference GO 3866 viz. the Society's 1890 library catalogue. A note made by the author on one of the flyleaves reads ' J Windsor, Settle, August 1812. London 1812 March 12th'.

Administrative / Biographical History

See entry MMM/4/1/5 for biographical details of Haighton and entry MMM/14/2/5 for biographical details of Hamilton.