Anatomical Lectures Vol. 1

Scope and Content

The volume has the original pagination pp.1-619, writing is on both the recto and verso, and there is an index towards the rear. It is not clear who the introductory lecture was given by but lectures 2-4 & 6-8 were given by Henry Cline Senior, lectures 5, 9-22 & 33-36 by Astley Cooper, and lectures 23-32 by Henry Cline Junior with a note to say that in later courses lecture 24 was given by Astley Cooper.

The contents are as follows: (1) introductory lecture, (2) on the blood, (3) on the structure of arteries and the oeconomy, (4) on the diseases of the arteries, (5) on the absorbents, (6) on the cellular membrane, (7) on the nerves, (8) on the muscles, (9) on the glands, (10) on the bones, (11-12) on the appendages of the bones, (13) on the bones forming the skeleton, (14-15) on the bones of the pelvis, (16) clavicle, scapula, and humerus, (17) bones of the arm and hand, (18) bones of the leg and foot, (19) bones of the head, (20-21) on the foramina & processes at the basis of the skull externally, (22) bones of the face, (23) on the art of making preparations, (24) on the muscles, (25-26) muscles of the head and face, (27-28) diaphragm, muscles moving the larynx, muscles of the thorax & muscles of the back, (29) muscles of the neck, back, and buttocks, (30) muscles of the legs, (31) muscles of the feet and of the upper extremity, (32) muscles of the hand and forearm, (33) on the ligaments, (34) ligaments of the elbow joints, (35) ligaments of the pelvis, (36) ligaments of the knee, fibula, and ankle.

pp.597-619 contains an appendix to the lectures.

A note has been made by the author on one of the flyleaves and reads 'John Windsor, No. 2 Plough Court, Lombard Street, 1811'.