Practice of Medicine Vol. 6

Scope and Content

The volume has the original pagination pp.1801-2193, ff.1-3 are blank, and considering the significant gap in the page numbering between the end of this volume and the start of volume 7 it is quite likely that the last few folios are missing. There is no clear numbering or demarcation of lectures as there was in the first two volumes, writing is largely on the recto of each page with additional notes on the verso, and there is no subject index in this volume.

Working through the volume the topics covered include: somnolentia & apoplexia [stroke]; internal and external compression; tumour & effusion; dropsy; cure of apoplexy; adynamia; paralysis, hemiplegia & paraphexia; palsy [paralysis]; cure of the palsy; warm baths & electric shocks; leipopsychia; syncope; spasmi; spasmodic diseases affecting the organs of voluntary motion and convulsion; epilepsy; occasional causes of epilepsy; excitement & collapse; permanent epilepsy caused by sedative passions; predisponent causes of epilepsy; cure of epilepsy; partial convulsions; tension; of convulsions and specific diseases affecting the alimentary canal; hysteria; cure of hysteria; hypochondriasis; story of a hypochondriac.

The volume bears the bookplate of the Radford Library, Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester, which also indicates that it was allocated the reference number Q128 viz. their 1877 catalogue. The volume has since been referenced J6 C67 as part of an alternative system. The spine reads 'Cullen's Practice of M. Vol.6'.