Assorted Therapeutic, Anatomy, and Botany Lectures

Scope and Content

Notes of the therapeutic lectures of Dr Andrew Duncan (1744-1828) beginning on 5 June 1770 and ending on 18 July 1770 can be found on ff.1-82. At the beginning he lays out a list of 23 types of medicines, namely: bloodletting, emetics, cathartics, diaphoretics, epispastics, diuretics, expectorants, errhines, sialogogues, emmenagogues, anthemintics, lithontriptics, antacids, antalkalines, attenuants, inspissants, antiseptics, astringents, emollients, corrosives, stimulants, sedatives, and antispasmodics. He then goes on to outline his plan for considering each one as follows:

  • 1. Nature of the class (definition, direct effects, changes in the system, principal differences)
  • 2. Use of the class (effect in the cure of diseases, circumstances indicating a particular order, cautions regarding its use, contra-indications to its use)
  • 3. History of individuals (natural history, medical history)

The extant notes in this manuscript, however, only cover the first 18 medicines given on the list. The lectures are dated throughout.

Further untitled notes can be found on ff.85-127. Whilst there is no title or introduction the content suggests that they are the anatomy lectures of Alexander Monro secundus (1733-1817). These notes address the animal oeconomy, nature of blood, the lymphatic system, remarks on the blood vessels and nerves of the arm, and diseases of the heart and arteries.

A third section entitled 'Dr Monro's (senr) introduction to his course of anatomy' can be found on ff.131-163. The reference to Monro Senior suggests that these are taken from lectures of Alexander Monro primus (1697-1767), but Dobson cannot possibly have attended his lectures as Monro primus died before he began studying in Edinburgh. It is more likely that these are a transcription of another student's notes. These notes cover the reparation of the solid parts of animals, venereal disease, the use of marrow, action of medicines etc., and rickets. Rickets is quite extensively covered with suggested cures and formulae for these.

A final section on ff.168-175 contains notes of botanical lectures, with 6 lectures in total dated 30 May 1770-8 August 1770. There is no indication of who the lecturer is, but the Professor of Botany in Edinburgh at this time was John Hope (1725-1786). These notes focus on an explanation of terms and classification.

The volume bears the bookplate of the Radford Library, Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester, which also indicates that it was allocated the reference number Q127 viz. their 1877 catalogue. The volume has since been referenced H6 D66 as part of an alternative system. There is no pagination.

Administrative / Biographical History

See entry MMM/4/1/13 for biographical information about Duncan, entry MMM/15/2/3 for biographical information about Monro primus and entry MMM/1/5 for biographical information about Monro secundus.