Materia Medica, Vol. 2

Scope and Content

The manuscript has the original pagination pp.1-32, the writing is on both the recto and the verso, and the first volume is missing.

pp.1-6 contains part of a materia medica apparently continued from another volume and describes the operation, use and dose of certain plant based medicines organised under the Linnaean System of classification and focusing on classes 21-24.

pp.7-10 focuses on medicines derived from the animal kingdom, again describing their operation, use and dose but this time organised under the Linnaean system of classification for animals.

pp.11-31 focuses on the chemical preparations with details on their operation, use and dose divided into acids, alkalis & their salts, earths & their salts, and metals & their salts.

Inserted into the front are two additional folios which appear to list items bought and their cost on Saturday 4 July and the following Monday & Tuesday of an unknown year (possibly 1835, as 4 July fell on a Saturday that year). There are also brief notes on how human knowledge and discoveries have developed over the ages.