Lectures on Midwifery by Osborn & Clarke Vol. 1

Scope and Content

The lectures are clearly numbered but never dated and extend to 26 lectures, with lecture 26 stopping mid-sentence and continuing in the next volume. An alphabetical index can be found on ff.1-4.

Their content according to the index is as follows: ascarides, catheter, carunculae myrtiformes, catamenia, chlorosis [hypochromic anaemia], clitoris (pain of), corpus luteum, dropsy [oedema], excoriation and ulceration of the labia, examination, fluor albus [leukorrhoea], fallopian tubes, nutrition of foetus, groin pain during pregnancy, hermaphroditis [disorders of sex development, hermaphroditism] and how distinguished, unimperforated hymen, haemorrhoids, hernia when strangulated, impregnation (phenomena when this takes place and the doctors theory), jaundice, pressure upon kidneys, oedmeatous swellings of the legs, labia pudendi (diseases, hernia, swelling), ligamenta rotunda [round ligaments], ligamenta lata [broad ligaments], lues venerea [syphilis], micturition [urination], menstruation, membranes, pressure upon nerves, nymphae, navel string [umbilical cord], ovaria, pelvis (dimensions, position of head in preternatural labour [breech presentation], pain from uterus pressing on the brim, cause of the vertex turning to the pubis, when the head is sufficiently advanced for the lever and forceps, Dr Smellie on error of his), distorted pelvis (cause, signs, measuring, difference between male and female, different axes, practical observations), pelvis (best position of woman in labour, position when examining, vertex and practical observations, face presenting, forehead presenting), foetal head (sutures, head in general presenting, vertex in particular, the forehead), paralysis, piles [haemorrhoids], pessaries, reflexion of peritoneum in the pelvis, placenta, pregnancy (signs of, management, evacuations, bleeding, pathology of), reckoning, retroverted uterus, stone, tenesmus and torpor, urethra, urine, uterus (unimpregnated, prolapse, retroverted, hernia, cancer, polyps, tympanitis, appendages, changes in pregnancy), urachus, waters, vagina, vesicles of de Graaf [ovarian follicle], vomiting in the latter months.