Physiology Lectures by Prof. Gamgee Vol. 2

Scope and Content

The volume bears the bookplate of Dr E. Bosdin Leech, Manchester as well as an inscription made by the creator which reads 'M. Bannister Owens Col Manchester'. This is volume 2 of 2 and the lectures are clearly numbered and dated throughout. There are 87 numbered folios in total and the writing is mainly on the recto with occasional notes and illustrations on the verso.

The lectures from volume 1 continue on ff.1-6 and upside down on the verso of ff.77-87 in the rear of the volume. (44) Stomach, (45) Cartilages, notes in the rear, (46) Secretion of gastric juice, (48) Gastric digestion. The notes from lectures 33, 39, and 42 that should have formed part of volume 1 can also be found in the rear of this volume.

A new series of lectures entitled 'Senior Physiology Lectures' begin in October 1884 and cover ff.7-83. (1) General overview, (2) Secretion of glands, (3) Glands of stomach, (4) Gastric digestion, (5) Changes in glands of stomach, (6) Post-mortem digestion, (7) Bile, (8) Pancreas, (9)Ferments, (10) Fat decomposing ferment, (11) Digesting proteins, (12) Gastric juice, (13) Action in large intestine & defecation, (14) Absorption of product of digestion, (15) Liver, (16) Diet, (17) Division of food, (18) Diet expressed in heat units, (19) Heat regulation, (20-22) Secretion of urine, (23-24) Urea in urine, (25) Kreatinine [creatinine], (26) Formation of white blood corpuscles, (27) Functions of supra renal bodies, (28-30) Nervous system, spinal & cranial nerves, (31) Innervation respiration, (32-38) Optics, (39) Larynx, (40) Senses & spinal cord.

There are a number of illustrative drawings and diagrams throughout the manuscript that accompany the notes and an additional 6 loose folios have been inserted into the volume, numbered pp.82-90. The lecture notes on them are dated to March/April 1885 and cover lectures 41-44 but do not fit into the series of lectures in the rest of the two volumes and so presumably originally formed part of another volume. They cover reflex actions, impulses, motor centres, and muscles & nerves.