A Course of Surgical Lectures Delivered by Mr Brodie, Vol. 2

Scope and Content

Whilst the manuscript consists of 394 full folios there are numerous additional smaller papers containing notes inserted into the binding throughout. This is volume 2 of 2 of Stephens' notes of Brodie's lectures, and appears to be a much rougher copy in comparison to volume 1 [ MMM/5/1/1 ]. Stephens states in the inside cover that he attended two courses of Brodie's lectures and these appear to be from the second course he attended with much of the subject content of the notes in this volume being similar to that in volume 1. Again there is little attempt to number or date individual lectures but there are clear subject headings throughout.

The content of the lectures, working through the manuscript, are as follows: inflammation & its consequences, termination of inflammation (serum, effusion of lymph, suppuration), treatment of inflammation, mortification, dry gangrene, ulcers (healthy, sloughing, phagedenic, irritable, and indolent), burns & scalds, abscesses, constitutional disturbances (shock of the nervous system, symptomatic inflammatory fever, symptomatic intermittent fever, symptomatic typhus fever, hectic fever), erysipelas, boils & carbuncles, morbid alterations of structure (malignant tumours [neoplasms], scirrhous & cancer, fungus hematodes, cartilaginous malignant tumour, fatty tumours, fatty depositions, encysted tumours), peculiar constitutions (scrofula [tuberculosis, lymph node]), diseases of the blood vessels (diseases of veins, inflammation of veins, chronic inflammation of veins, varicose veins, diseases of arteries, varicose aneurysm, haemorrhage), diseases of the nervous system (hysteria, wry neck [torticollis], tetanus, tic douloureux [trigeminal neuralgia], inflammation of nerves), diseases of the joints (synovial membrane, inflammation, ulceration, loose cartilages in the joints, tumours in the joints, nervous affections of the joints, gouty affections, osteosarcoma, bursa mucosa [bursa, synovial], ganglions, corns & bullions [bunions]), diseases of the vertebrae or caries (lateral curvature of the spine, rickety state of the vertebrae), diseases of the female breast (inflammation, scirrhous [breast neoplasms]), diseases of the urinary organs (stricture, effusion of urine, mucous glandules, diseases of the prostate gland, complete retention, retention from acute enlargement, partial retention, abscess of the prostate, ulceration of the prostate), diseases of the bladder (irritable bladder, tumours, abscesses about the neck of the bladder), calcareous depositions (sand or gravel, calculi in the kidneys, calculus in the bladder), diseases of the rectum (spasmodic contraction of the sphincter ani, stricture of the rectum, scirrhous tumours, excrescences, abscesses in the rectum, prolapsus ani [rectal prolapse]), diseases of the penis independent of syphilis (phimosis, herpes preputic, warts, malignant diseases, malignant warty tumour, cancer of the penis, medullary sarcoma, chimney sweepers cancer), diseases of the testicle (inflammation, tuberculous inflammation, scrofulous inflammation, varicocele, wasting, loose cartilage in the tunica vaginalis, medullary sarcoma, cancer), diseases of the nose (ulcerated tubercle of the ala nasi, chronic inflammation of Schneider's membrane, ulcer septi nasi [nasal septum], polypi, diseases of the antrum, fungus in the antrum), diseases of the mouth etc. (herpes labialis, scirrhous & cancer of the lip, cancer of the tongue, medullary sarcoma of the tongue, obstruction of the duct of the submaxillary gland, abscess in the salivary glands, relaxation of the uvula, enlargement of the tonsil glands, stricture of the oesophagus, wart like excrescence of the face), hernia (irreducible, strangulated, femoral, umbilical, ventral), effects of mechanical injury, injuries of the head, injuries of the spinal marrow, injuries of nerves, fractures of bones etc. (complicated fractures, compound fractures, fractures of particular bones), injuries of joints (sprains, wounds, dislocations), venereal disease, operations in surgery (trephining, for harelip [cleft lip], removal of cancer of the tongue, extirpation of tonsil glands, extirpation of uvula, for salivary fistula, laryngotomy, tracheotomy or bronchotomy, extirpation of the breast, paracentesis abdominis, operations on the eye (cataract, depression of the cataract, extraction of the cataract, breaking up the lens etc., fistula lachrymalis [lacrimal fistula], extirpation of the globe of the eye), hernia, extirpation of the testicle, phimosis, lithotomy, fistula in ano [rectal fistula], phimosis, removal of piles [hemorrhoids], amputation of fingers & toes, amputation of the middle leg, amputation of thigh, amputation of shoulder joint, and amputation of hip joint).

There is a small diagram accompanying the notes on diseases of the urinary organs.