Milne Murray Vol.2

Scope and Content

The notes in this volume cover midwifery (ff.1-309) and diseases of women (ff.310-380). The subjects covered in the notes on midwifery include: parturition, causes of labour, classification of labour, first stage of labour, second stage of labour, third stage of labour, mechanism of labour, special anatomy of head of child in utero, presentation of foetus, management of labour, armamentarium, attendants, duties on first visit, methods of inspiration, puerperium, involution of the uterus, lochia, abnormal labour, faults in passages, certain conditions of vulva, prolapse uterus, abnormal pelvis, hydrocephalus, malpresentation, mechanism of face cases, instrumental labour, obstetric operations, manipulation, fillet, lever, forceps [surgical instruments], version or turning, dangers to the mother, dangers to the child, embryulcia, caesarean operation, induction of premature labour [induced labour], breech presentation, transverse presentation, complex labours, post-partum haemorrhage, rupture of the uterus, multiple pregnancy, septicaemia.

The subjects covered in the notes on diseases of women include: chronic metritis, diseases of the ovary, ovaritis, neoplasms of ovaries, simple ovarian cyst, fibroid tumours of the uterus [leiomyoma], hysterectomy, cancer of the cervix.

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