E Wolff

Scope and Content

Notes from the clinical lectures of Prof. E Wolff given at clinic at the Charité medical school in Berlin. Clinical lectures allowed medical students hands on experience, where they treated patients under the supervision of the physicians, and so they read more like case notes than lecture notes. There is an index of conditions at the front, which shows the featured conditions to be as follows: synochus, pneumonia, colica saturnina [saturnine colic, lead poisoning], dysenteria [dysentery], apoplexia [stroke], morbi cerebri [diseases of the brain], morbi Brightii [Bright's disease, glomerulonephritis], dilalatio cordis [cardiomegaly], erysipelas, diabetes mellitus, exanthema scarlatinosum [scarlet fever], exanthema, bronchitis, hydrothorax, arachnitis [arachnoiditis], morbus hepatis [liver disease], pleuritis [pleurisy], rheumatismus [rheumatism], synocha, phthisis laryngea, psoitis [inflammation of psoas muscle].

Administrative / Biographical History

Eduard Wolff (1794-1878) received his education at various medical-surgical military education institutions and qualified in Berlin in 1829. From 1832 to 1857 he worked as associate professor of military medicine. At the Charité in Berlin he led a medical-surgical clinic.


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