Catalogue of Anatomical Preparations

Scope and Content

Catalogue of the anatomical preparations collected and preserved by Jordan in his museum at his medical school that was originally situated on Bridge Street before it moved to large premises on Mount Street. Some years after the closure of his medical school, Jordan transferred the contents of his museum to the Pine Street Medical School's new museum and by the end of the century the specimens were in the possession of Owens College. There is mention in the description of one of the specimens on p.3 to it having been acquired from a churchyard, reference to the illicit trade in bodies at this time.

The items listed are numbered from 1 to 1056 although there are not 1056 individual specimens described in the manuscript as a number of pages have been left blank leaving significant gaps in the catalogue. A contents page divides the specimens into 15 separate categories, namely: bones; calculi & various concretions; brain, nervous system & their appendages; eye & its appendages; ear & its appendages; nose & respiratory organs; mouth & alimentary canal, hernia; liver & its appendages; urinary & genital organs (male); urinary & genital organs (female); heart & blood vessels - chiefly diseases; blood vessel preparations - chiefly anatomical; skin tumours & miscellaneous preparations; casts; natural history & comparative anatomy. Individual descriptions can vary in length from a few lines to in excess of a page and in instances where the full history of the specimen is known the patient's name is sometimes provided. The descriptions often also includes the name of the physician or surgeon who presented the specimen to the museum. There are two entries on folios numbered 132-133 in a different hand and signed by I. Bellott. Judging by the handwriting this is believed to be the same Bellott that was responsible for the creation of MMM/23/1/18.

There are two inscriptions in the front of the volume. One by James Stephens in 1883 describes the volume as the catalogue of the preparations in the Mount Street School and goes on to say how he was responsible for the assembly of some items when they were transferred to Owens College. The second inscription indicates that the manuscript was donated to Owens College by J. Joseph Jordan in 1903.