On Anchylosis

Scope and Content

The title page reads 'On Anchylosis: a thesis offered by Messrs Jordan & Ransome in December, 1837, to the pupils composing their first surgical class at the Manchester Royal School of Medicine & Surgery'. In a note to the reader, dated 31 March 1838, the author explains how circumstances have compelled him to employ a professional copyist, who is not named, and that throughout the thesis he heavily references Adolph Wilhelm Otto's Compendium of Pathological Anatomy, The Works of John Hunter edited by J.F. Palmer, and Eduard Sandifort's Museum Anatomicum. The author cites the lack of any available monograph on the subject of ankylosis as reason for the writing of this thesis.

There is no clear reference as to who the author is but a first person account of a patient treated in the Manchester Royal Infirmary suggests that it is Jordan and not Ransome who is the main author as he was a surgeon at the Infirmary at the time whereas Ransome was surgeon to the Ardwick and Ancoats Dispensary.