Chemistry, Vol. 5

Scope and Content

The manuscript has the original pagination pp.1-44, the writing is on both the verso and the recto, and the title is given on the front cover as 'Chemistry Vol.5'. Also on the front cover is a list of contents setting out the topics covered as follows: bismuth (pp.1-2), antimony (pp.2-5), lead (pp.5-10), silver (pp.11-12), gold (pp.12-13), and platinum (pp.13-14). The list of contents finishes here and marks the end of the metals, the volume does however continue with the following subjects: electricity (pp.14-25), organic chemistry (pp.26-30), fermentation (p.30), vinous (pp.30-31), alcohol (pp.31-32), acetous fermentation (pp.33-34), ethers (pp.34-35), vegetable extract (p.36), colouring matter (pp.35-36), vegetable jelly (p.36), starch (pp.36-37), gluten (p.37), albumen (pp.38-39), caoutchouc (pp.39-40), tannin (pp.40-42), and the butter principle (pp.42-44).

On the inside of the back cover is the inscription 'End of Vol.5th March 1833 J Lomas', as well as an additional comment reading 'vide next volume'. Lomas was still a student at this point but it is not clear who or what the source of these notes was.