Milne Murray Vol.1

Scope and Content

The notes in this volume cover midwifery (ff.1-261) and diseases of women (ff.262-352). The subjects covered in the notes on midwifery include: dimensions of the pelvis, anatomy of the soft parts, the vagina , the uterus, os internum, the fallopian tubes, ovaries, parovarium, physiology of sensation, puberty & physical changes, menstruation, impregnation & conception, development of membranes, placenta, umbilical cord, circulation of the foetus, changes consequent on impregnation, diagnosis of pregnancy, signs of first period, signs of second period, differential diagnosis of pregnancy, missed labour, pathology of pregnancy, general diseases affecting the mother, displacements of the gravid uterus, prolapse of pregnant uterus [uterine prolapse], vesicular degeneration of the chorion, ectopic pregnancy, abortion & premature labour, hydramnios [polyhydramnios], diseases of decidua, polypoid endometritis or deciduitis.

The subjects covered in the notes on diseases of women include: definition of gynaecology, examination, cases which are to be examined, rectal examination, diseases of the vulva, diseases of the cervix, endometritis.

There is a bookplate in the front cover which reads 'School of Medicine of the Royal Colleges New School. Lectures on Midwifery and the Diseases of Women by R. Milne Murray, F.R.C.P.E. Session 1900-01. Dr L. A. MacMunn, R Milne Murray'.