Mr Hunter's Lectures on Surgery Vol. 1

Scope and Content

The manuscript contains 181 folios in total with the original pagination pp.1-349 and the writing is on the recto and verso of each page. There is a letter in the front of the volume dated 20 May 1830 from T. H. Michell, Trowbridge to Dr Davis, Bath reporting a post mortem recently carried out. The contents of the lecture notes are set out in numbered paragraphs, a format that was common to medical text books of the time which were used as the basis of lectures, and so Davis may have been cross-referencing between the lectures and the text. This volume contains points 1-929.

Hunter sets out what he will cover in the lectures as follows: the animal oeconomy, chiefly the actions of the body in their diseased state with their recoveries and natural functions in health; a complete knowledge of the functions of the animal body; different functions and dependence one action has on another; when an operation will relieve and when the habit will bear an operation; the principles of diseases; physiology; specific diseases such as scrofula, cancer etc.