Chemistry, Vol. 2

Scope and Content

The manuscript has the original pagination pp.1-44, the writing is on both the verso and the recto, and the title is given on the front cover as 'Chemistry Vol.IInd, 1832'. Also on the front cover is a list of contents setting out the topics covered as follows: calorie (pp.1-9), light (pp.9-15), the gases (pp.15-16, oxygen (pp.16-20), hydrogen (pp.20-26), water (pp.27-30), mineral waters (pp.31-34), atmospheric air (pp.34-36), nitrogen (pp.36-39), and the mechanical properties of the atmosphere (pp.39-44).

The volume appears to carry on from the previous volume starting midway through the first topic, however the first volume has not survived. Lomas was still a student at this point but it is not clear who or what the source of these notes was.