Cullen's Practice of Physic Vol. 1

Scope and Content

This volume has the original foliation 1-391, is entirely in shorthand, and the subjects covered according to the index are as follows: general observations on the plan to be pursued; authors recommended; criticism on the nosologists; remarks on my own nosology; class I pyrexia; example taken from the stages of an intermittent; symptoms of the cold fit, hot fit, & sweat; judgement from the pulse, respiration, secretions, stomach; definition of the different kinds of fever; proximate causes of fever; only two fundamental kinds of fever; diagnostics of fever; symptoms of inflammatory diathesis; dissolution of the blood; hectic fever; remote causes; origin of miasmata in general; operation of excess in the non-naturals; affection of the stomach; epidemics; periodical motions occurring in fevers; critical days; event of fever; causes of death; direct & indirect causes of death; causes of death are three; stimulant, sedative & septic; stimulant powers known by the pulse, heat etc.; part of remissions in fever; topical determinations; insula sanguinis; observations on the pulse & blood; critical days; general plan for the cure of fever; methodus medendi; antiphlogistic regimen; bleeding; cathartics; refrigerants; diluents; neutral salts; sudorifics; emetics; blisters; sinapisms; warm bathing - pediluvium; cold & tonics; fossile tonics; bark; contrayerba, serpentaria, wine; antispasmodics; to avoid a putrefactive tendency; doctrine of putrefaction; practice in the intermittents during the paroxysm; neutral salts; cold bath; direct stimulants, pepper, nutmeg etc.; astringents, bitters; management of intermittents; administration of Peruvian bark; treatment of continued fevers; removal of spasm; character & theory of phlegmasia; remarks on diathesis phlogistica; proofs of effusion; resolution of inflammatory tumours [neoplasms]; suppuration; gangrene; genera & species of phlegmasia; symptoms of phlegmon; symptoms of erysipelas; questions relating to internal phlegmasia; general cure of inflammation; bleeding; warm bathing; external applications; camphor; refrigerants & astringents; internal remedies; diluents; refrigerants -emetics; opium-purging; particular phlegmasia; ophthalmia; phrenitis [delirium]; angina - croup; pneumonic inflammation; enteritis; peritonitis; gastritis; splenitis; nephritis; cystitis; hysteritis; rheumatisms; chronic rheumatism; diagnosis & theory of gout; cure of gout.