Pole's Obstetric Lectures Vol. 1

Scope and Content

Folios 176-182 are blank and the writing is predominantly on the verso only. Lectures are numbered, but not dated, and the contents are as follows: (1) Introductory lecture-no notes made, (2-5) The pelvis, (6) External organs of generation, (7) Abscesses, tumours [neoplasms], and swellings, (8) Furor uterinus [hysteria] & the hymen, (9-10) Internal organs of generation, (11-14) Diseases of the internal organs, (15) Menstruation, (16) Conception, (17) Ovum & the foetus, (18) Umbilical cord, (19) Chorion & amnion, (20) no notes made, (21-24) Symptoms of pregnancy, (25) Causes of labour, (26) Abortion, (27) Labour.

Between lectures 16 and 17 of Pole's course is a short section of lectures by Dr John Haighton (1755-1823) on the gravid uterus and conception, ff.107r-110v.