Extract Book 5

Scope and Content

Notes on worms in a mixture of English and Latin and longhand and shorthand, utilising the Byrom system. These include notes for two separate papers written by Hull and described as being 'read to the Society', which presumably refers to the Linnaean Society, of which Hull was a member. There are also extracts from German zoologist Peter Simon Pallas' Dissertatio Inauguralis de Infestis Viventibus Infra Viventia, published in 1760, drawings of the segmentation of the body of a number of different types of worms described as being taken from Baillie, believed to be Matthew Baillie's The Morbid Anatomy of Some of the Most Important Parts of the Human Anatomy, first published in 1793, and extracts from McGregor's Medical Sketches relative to the Guinea-worm [dracunculus nematode]. Furthermore there are liberal references throughout to the works of Hooper, Blumenbach, and Carlisle. There are also two folios containing extracts from a case book and notes taken on board the Minerva in relation to the treatment of worms, but it is not clear whose case book this refers to.

Included amongst the notes on worms are 34 folios that have been tied together with a piece of cotton and contain extracts from Thomas Denman's An Introduction to the Practice of Midwifery, which was first published in 1762 and Hull make reference to both the first and second editions. The subjects that Hull notes in his extracts include on the inversion of the uterus, observations on the sudden deaths happening after delivery, on the extra uterine foetus, the management of women in childbed, and mania.