Extract Book 4

Scope and Content

The first 32 folios contain a single text entitled 'The Empire of Nature' in which Hull talks of and describes the incredible structure and interrelationship of nature from a religious perspective. He goes on to describe nature's different part and structure with reference to the classical elements and the three kingdoms of nature, those being stones or minerals, vegetables, and animals. There is also consideration of man, wisdom, the divine spirit, and the science of nature which he says is reliant on the methodical arrangement and systematic nomenclature of natural bodies.

The rest of the volume is described by Hull as 'Extracts from Blumenbach etc' with reference to the German anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752-1840). This features the following sections:

  • On Natural Bodies in general & their division into 3 Kingdoms
  • On Organized Bodies in general
  • On Minerals in general
  • On Stony & Earthy Fossils
  • On Mineral Salts
  • Of the Metals
  • On Petrifactions