Vergleichende Anatomie, Physiologie der Zeugung, und Physiologie der Menschen nach Müller

Scope and Content

Comparative anatomy, physiology of procreation, and human physiology according to Müller.

The manuscript contains three separate sets of lecture notes all given by Johannes Müller. The first, from 1838, focuses on comparative anatomy and covers ff.1-59 with the original pagination pp.1-117. The second set are from 1837 on the physiology of procreation and cover ff.60-91 with the original pagination pp.1-61. The final set of lectures are from 1837 on human physiology and are on a separate booklet inserted into the rear of the volume with the original pagination pp.1-34. The first two sets of lecture notes have detailed indexes at the beginning and also contain a great number of drawings and diagrams in the margin. There is no index for the final set of notes.