Notebooks and diaries

Scope and Content

Notebooks used by Alison Uttley for various purposes, mainly the recording of things seen, inspirations, quotations, and ideas for, and drafts of books.

There are several ideas for books which were never written, and drafts of works later published, such as Ambush of Young Days, High Meadows, When All is Done, and The Farm on the Hill. In addition, some notebooks seem to have been used simply to record odd thoughts and musings, and there are several recording dreams. These items provide an invaluable insight into the life and mind of their creator, and thus are interesting for more than her methods of writing books; they show her interest in art, nature, science and history.

All items are handwritten unless stated otherwise.


Many of these notebooks are extremely difficult to date, due to Alison Uttley's habit of jotting down ideas at random and developing them later. Thus the dates given for each volume have been roughly based on the later publication date of the material inside, and may not be specific.