Scope and Content

Bundle of correspondence, almost entirely received by Alison Uttley, from various including; Princesses Anne and Elizabeth, members of her family (mother and brother), Professor Samuel Alexander, Sheila Beringer, Peter de Sautoy, Edmund Blunden, Ramsay MacDonald, C.F. Tunnicliffe, Faber and Faber, Collins, Heinemann, the BBC, Puffin, and the Delyse Recording Company. Two letters are framed - one from Tunnicliffe with a painting of a bird on it, and one from the then Princess Elizabeth to whom Alison Uttley sent a set of Grey Rabbit books as a wedding present. Some of the correspondence provides an insight into her life, such as the letters from Professor Alexander, who was a great friend and encouraged her to write after her husband died. C.F. Tunnicliffe, with whom she had a good working friendship, is responsible for the greatest number of letters, and his discussion of her books and his illustration of them is fascinating, as is a shared interest in birds. There is a rare letter from Alison's mother, who died in 1930, and an even rarer (according to her diaries) postcard from her brother Harry. Also important is the correspondence from Faber, especially a report on The Secret of Thackers, (later to become A Traveller in Time), which advised against a time travel element in the novel.

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