Commercial correspondence

Scope and Content

  • MS 1591/2/1/1-5;D Commercial letters (6), April 1921, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/6;D Commercial letter, May 1921, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/7-9;D Commercial letters (3), June 1921, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/10-38;D Commercial letters (21), July 1921, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/39-165;D Commercial letters (129), August 1921, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/166-239;D Commercial letters (2), September 1921, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/240-241;D Commercial letters (2), September 1922, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/242-247;D Commercial letters (5), October 1922, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/248-255;D Commercial letters (7), November 1922, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/256-257;D Commercial letters (2), December 1922, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/258;D Commercial letter, January 1923, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/259;D Commercial letter, April 1923, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/260;D Commercial letter, May 1923, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/261-262;D Commercial letters (2), June 1923, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/263-264;D Commercial letters (2), October 1923, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/1/266-267;D Commercial letter, undated, [Cassell and Co Ltd] holograph
  • MS 1591/2/2/2-4;D Commercial letters (3), April 1921, 3 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/2/5-18;D Commercial letters (14), July 1921, 17 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/2/19-111;D Commercial letters (92), August 1921, 98 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/2/112-160;D Commercial letters (48), September 1921, 47 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/2/161-180;D Commercial letters (19), November to December 1922, 12 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/3/1-41;D Commercial invoices (41), Chronological order, 72 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/4/1-4;D Business cards (4), Lyman B. Jackes, J. Ruthven Brown, General Charles Ryan, Arthur Renal, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/4/5;D Price list, Angus Watson and Co. Ltd. July 1921 [Export price list] holograph
  • MS 1591/2/4/6;D Price list, undated, Angus Watson and Co Ltd, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/4/7;D Advertisement, Trimethol as an adjuvant in the treatment of pulmonary T.B., holograph
  • MS 1591/2/4/8;D Instructions, The use of the elite model, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/4/9;D Advertisement, The Imperial pattern hypodermic syringe, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/4/10;D Advertisement, The Prize Medal Range Paraffin Burner, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/4/11;D Advertisement, Fords Folding Boats, holograph
  • MS 1591/2/4/12;D Advertisement, the Breast drill, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/1;D List, 9 August 1921 [Equipment ordered from P R Anderson and Co. Medland Street London] typescript
  • MS 1591/3/2;D List, 23 August 1921 [People who supplied goods to the expedition for free and a list of other suppliers] 5 leaves typescript
  • MS 1591/3/3;D Stores delivered from the South Georgia Co. Ltd to Quest, 1 May 1922, 15 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/4;D Deck Department Accounts, 20 August 1922 [Total expenditure and balance, St Vincent] 2 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/5;D List of general equipment needed for expedition, undated [Including camping gear, miscellaneous gear useful about ship, lighting and heating, tools, cook, table, washing, toilet, clothing, personal, amusement, fishing tackle and rifles] 16 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/6;D Copy of MS 1591/3/5;D
  • MS 1591/3/7;D Lists of General Equipment, 13 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1591/3/8;D Lists of General Equipment, holograph, 14 leaves
  • MS 1591/3/9;D List of foods, undated [Including fruits, puddings, sweets, meats, fish, vegetables and cereals, cooking accessories and miscellaneous food, beverages, fresh vegetables, bulk stores and food for specific purposes] 11 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1591/3/10;D List of stores from the Welsh Tin Plate and metal stamping Co. undated, 2 copies, typescript
  • MS 1591/3/11;D Envelope with List of Welsh Tin Plate articles, undated [Pencil list of stores on reverse]
  • MS 1591/3/12;D Lists of food stores, undated, 9 leaves typescript, with annotations
  • MS 1591/3/13;D Lists of food stores, undated, 7 leaves typescript, with annotations
  • MS 1591/3/14;D List of the essential rations for the expedition for 20 men for one year and for the amount of rations per day, undated, 2 leaves
  • MS 1591/3/15;D List of the total quantities of rations needed for 20 men for 1 year, undated, 2 leaves
  • MS 1591/3/16;D List of emergency rations for the boats for 20 men for 10 days and amount per day, undated
  • MS 1591/3/17;D Copy of MS 1591/3/16;D, typescript
  • MS 1591/3/18;D List of agents supplying the expedition, undated, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/19;D Lists of ordinary rations for 15 men for two years, undated, 15 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/20;D List of sledging rations for 6 men for 6 months, undated, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/21;D List of sledging rations for 9 men for 6 months, undated holograph
  • MS 1591/3/22;D List of sledging rations for breakfast, lunch and supper, undated, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/23;D Receipt for cargo delivery to Tristan da Cunha, 2 May 1921, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/24;D List of mail and cargo delivered to Tristan da Cunha, undated, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/25;D List of mail and cargo delivered to Tristan da Cunha, undated, typescript
  • MS 1591/3/26;D List of mail and cargo delivered to Tristan da Cunha, undated, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/27;D Lists of suppliers of oil lamps, tobacco, cigarettes and other miscellaneous items, undated, 3 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/28;D Blotting paper from Deck department of Quest, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/29;D List of suppliers, addressed to Dr Macklin, holograph
  • MS 1591/3/30;D Notes about ship and equipment with respect to Shackleton's original plans for an expedition to the Beaufort Sea, holograph

Administrative / Biographical History

The collection comprises of in coming and out going commercial letters relating to the expedition, lists of stores and equipment, sledging rations and other ephemera.


As deposited at the Institute.

Geographical Names