Scope and Content

Correspondence from H. Enfield Taylor of Chester, site engineer for G.O.T. to:

Messrs. Chamberlain & Johnson, solicitiors, Llandudno;

Alfred G. Pugh, chartered accountant[secretary to G.O.T.] Llewelyn Chambers, Llandudno;

Richard Conway [a director of G.O.T.] Mostyn Street, Llandudno;

Messrs. R. White & Sons, Widnes, Lancs, engineers contracted to construct the tramway;

Messrs. Wood & Fowler, Liverpool, consulting engineers to White & Sons.

Correspondence relates to the construction of the Tramway and chronicles an acrimonious dispute between Enfield Taylor and White & Sons in which Taylor repeatedly lays the blame for delays and mistakes on White & Sons and constantly criticises them.

The series includes some correspondence to Taylor from some of the individuals and companies previously mentioned.

[Summary of subject matter of individual letters included with file.]