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Correspondence form G. Coquhoun Aitchson, AMICE, Llanberis to A.G. Pugh, secretary G.O.T.

Aichison has been brought in as consultant engineer to report on the lower section of the track and following acceptance of his report by the Directors, to liaise with Whites, the contratcting engineers, to carry out repairs and improvements.

In May Col. Van Donop made a further inspection of the line for the Board of Trade, and was satisfied with the work carried out recently, although less satisfied that recommendations from his first inspection had been ignored. The Board of Trade insisted that a slipper brake be fitted and that cars should not run on the upper section of track without them. Much correspondence relates to the Directors' assertion that Whites were liable for these, and Aitchison's rebuttal that they were not included in the original specification. Also much correspondence re the Directors' failure to pay Aitchison his fee.